Burton’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

Last winter, when the Dresner/Haden extra-marital cop love affair came to light, I took a little heat from local progressive aficionado, Mark Haim, for both the tone of my blog and the assertions I made regarding the impact the affair may have had on the department. What Mr. Haim didn’t know is that many folks in the community knew about the affair and, upon hearing the story, the rest of us made an educated guess based upon the number of times the couple was seen together around town sharing knowing looks and furtive smiles. Certainly the investigative experts in the department came to the same conclusion.

I’ve blogged three times on the subject HERE and HEREand HERE

Now it appears that I may have been closer to the mark than even I myself thought. Brennan David over that the Columbia Tribune has reported that Haden has filed a complaint against Police Chief Burton alleging that he violated her privacy by disclosing her identity.

The Human Resources Department is reviewing the allegation, made by ex-department spokeswoman Jessie Haden in her Feb. 8 resignation letter in which she said Burton effectively “bartered” away her identity to a KOMU reporter to make an information request “go away.”

So what exactly is Burton hiding? Why not simply release the emails?

Read Haden’s letter of resignation HERE

Even old dirty Tom chimed in in defense of his honey:

Haden and Dresner — who still are a couple — say Burton was sympathetic to their situation at first, and they were “dumbfounded” by the chief’s decision to move Haden to patrol and release her name.

“There are certain actions that fall into the category of things a police chief just can’t do, or any public-sector official, for that matter,” Dresner said. “And that is causing a Sunshine request to go away with an exclusive interview for the media outlet that made the request, hours before everyone else was even notified.”

“While I make no claim as to my impartiality regarding the players, the way he did what he did to her is demonstrative of what he’s willing to do when he gets in a jam,” Dresner said.

Is this simply a pattern of CYA from Chief Burton?

A Tarrant County, Texas, grand jury declined to indict Burton on a complaint of abuse of official capacity in connection with an officer’s purchase of a motorcycle that later was determined to be for personal use. Burton fired the whistle-blower, but the person later was reinstated. Burton told the commission the whistle-blower was fired for an unrelated incident.

Perhaps a KCF sunshine request for those precious emails is in order.

Another interesting tidbit is the release of the Haden resignation letter to the media. There’s an anti-Burton rat somewhere in the department. It makes me wonder if it is the same person who sent the anonymous press release regarding the affair last December.

This trail of lies and deciet leading to the highest ranks in our police department casts a shadow of doubt on every piece of information the department presents to the public. The department has demonstrated their willingness to censor legitimate public comment in an open forum to keep their P.R. machine rolling. Remember, these are the public employees, armed with sub-machine guns and paid by our tax dollars, whom we are supposed to trust to protect and serve our community.

Something tells me this saga is far from over.


One thought on “Burton’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

  1. Ricky Gurley

    Hold on just a minute……

    Now we all know that i am highly critical of the CPD. We all know that I am also very outspoken about some of the things that the CPD does that I perceive as “misdeeds”. But fair is fair. I think we need to reexamine Chief Burton’s role in this situation and be fair to him.

    I am not so sure that Chief Burton is the “bad guy” here….

    Now let me preface this little post with this anecdote: Whenever the CPD are called to a situation and someone gets Tasered and/or hurt, and then we have an issue with this; the Police response and the “Police Groupie Response” is: “They brought these consequences on theirself by not complying with the Police and/or by doing something illegal”. Right?

    Okay, so Tom Dresner and Jessica Haden BOTH knew that having an affair was wrong on so many levels. They were both married to other people when they had the affair. They were working in a capacity where Tom Dresner was Jessica Haden’s Commanding Officer, and Jessica Haden’s husband was also working at the CPD as a Police Officer when this affair was happening. OF COURSE there was going to be a scandal! And Tom Dresner and Jessica Haden knew this before they started this affair. So, why can’t they apply the same standard to theirselves that they have been applying to any person that got Tasered or hurt when the Police came to a scene and had to use force? Why can’t they say: “We knew what we were doing was wrong and we brought these consequences on ourselves”?

    Chief Burton was not aware of this affair while it was happening. Tom Dresner and Jessica Haden PUT HIM IN THIS UNTENABLE POSITION! He was just trying to do what he had to do to strike a balance between trying to protect his department from the damage that Tom Dresner and Jessica Haden did to it and keeping some semblance of transparency for the public. So why is he the “bad guy”? You can’t knowingly put someone in a bad position by doing something that you KNOW is wrong and then expect them to take the heat for your misdeeds!

    This is NOT fair to Chief Burton. Despite how much we want to mistrust, or expose what we believe to be “Law Enforcement Misdeeds”; we have to be reasonable and fair! I don’t think that Chief Burton did anything wrong here.

    And to the Police Officers that like to say “He brought this on himself”, remember those words; because they may come home to roost for you too!

    Ricky Gurley.


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