Cannabis v. Child Molestation: Which is Worse?

If you ask America’s perverted criminal justice system you’ll find that selling cannabis is more than twice as bad as molesting children (and stealing). In the past week, two stories demonstrating this fact appeared in the the Columbia Daily Tribune.

The first story reported that Eric McCauley of Columbia was sentenced to 23 years in prison for conspiracy to sell marijuana, the same plant smoked by both Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich. According to the Tribune…

          A 30-year-old Columbia man was sentenced yesterday in federal court to 23 years in prison without parole for his role in a conspiracy to distribute marijuana in Boone County.

          Convicted of 29 charges by a jury in March in Missouri’s Western District U.S. Court, Eric S. McCauley’s sentence is the result of his role in one of the Columbia Police Department’s largest-ever seizures of marijuana, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips. Law enforcement seized $224,663 in cash during the investigation, and in a 2007 search at a Columbia residence, 240 pounds of marijuana was found.

          McCauley was found guilty of drug trafficking, distribution, possession with the intent to distribute and money-laundering. Evidence indicated McCauley led a conspiracy responsible for distributing marijuana from 2005 to 2008, the news release said.

The local cops swiped 1/4 million dollars from this man and now the courts are sending him to prison on a 23-year sentence for crimes that involved no violence.

Compare McCauley’s story with this story which ran in the Tribune just four days later.

          A Columbia man who in separate cases pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $9,000 from a Burger King restaurant and photographing a 13-year-old boy’s genitals will serve 10 years in prison…

          Three photos of the victim’s genitals and buttocks were taken in September by McCollum, who told the court yesterday of his remorse and newfound motivation to overcome his past. He and his attorney argued for a suspended execution of his sentence, which would have placed him on probation.

          McCollum also is under investigation in Wyoming for the sexual assault of children, but charges have not yet been filed…

          Between March 5, 2010, and June 10, 2010, McCollum stole $8,909 from the Burger King at 3700 Hyde Park Ave. while working as an assistant manager, police said. McCollum was entering fake credit card totals to take money from cash sales.


Wow! A weed dealer, charged with no gun crimes, gets 23 years while a serial child-molester and thief gets only 10 years. Are our prisons so jammed with non-violent drug offenders that there is no room left for thieves and child-molesters? America’s criminal justice system is broken and the drug war is to blame.




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  1. darrell b caldwell

    I’ve been down that same road> I received a 30 year sentence for living a quarter of a mile from some growing plants while the man who raped my son’s girlfriend was never arrested by the same sheriff who had me convicted. Only reason I am home now was that I got a sentence deduction on an appeal issue.

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  3. birdie

    really people ……. i would kill man point blank for my kids….. and to think i would do more time in jail for killing him then he would he for his disgusting thoughts of children and what he might even do if had them alone ……i don’t… care who you i know most of you would say the courts can go f*** them selves and get their heads out of their asses to see some dam light (the title of this article should be bad v. good ) where the bad comes out on top

  4. automogal

    It’s not so much the crime as the amount of charges. 29 vs 2 charges. Like the public defender said “It’s not about the truth it’s about the evidence.” It’s also not fair to call him a child molester when he has never been charged or even arrested for it. Just saying

    1. Mark Post author

      So, by your logic, a person busted for jaywalking 100 times deserves a harsher punishment than a person busted for raping 1 girl. 100 is more than 1, right?

  5. Amanda Sandras

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. Canada North Bay Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

  6. bpman

    Former City Municipal Judge Bobby F. Fisher Jr = This Judge was removed from the Bench after a confidential informant gave compelling information to the Mississippi Commission for Judicial Performance/Ethics, in regards to the former Judge’s criminal sexual predatory behavior. Thankfully this perverted Judge was removed from his ability to entrap his victims in a “drug-testing” program, that the former Judge used as a tool to victimize the youth of his town brought into his courtroom on marijuana charges, but-

    After he was removed from the bench, after local LE knew of his criminal sexual predatory behavior, this Judge was allowed to remain a prominent member of society, invited to participate with the youth of the prominent Church that he attended & heavily tithed into, & he was allowed to continue to teach at college, among youth & he was allowed to participate in youth functions at the towns most expensive “private school” (k thru 12)

    And worst of all, even tho the feds finally put him away for financial crimes (currently one month into a 27 month sentence) this former Judge enjoys the luxury of keeping his name off of any “required by law sexual offender lists”.

    My point:

    If the LE in this particular town, was successful a few yrs back in creating a sting operation that nabbed a local perve that was raping blue ribbon winning 4-H farm Hogs, then how is it possible that the local LE found it to be not a priority to do the same to a Judge that preyed upon the least credible of the community?(that is,young males in his court on drug charges)


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