CPD SWAT Killed Two Retreating Dogs in 2008 — Video


This is a video of the Columbia, MO SWAT team serving a search warrant for marijuana on 03.07.2008 at the home of Mr. Jonathan March.
According to Attorney Dan Viets, “Mr. March had no prior felony convictions” at the time of the raid and he did “possess firearms which were absolutely legal and constitutionally protected.”
During the raid, 5 concussion grenades were exploded in and around the home. One of the grenades exploded near the feet of the young lady visitor, seen in the video, who, at the time, was seated on the couch. Two additional grenades were exploded subsequent to the arrest on the premise that the CPD needed to prove that the previous 5 grenades had done no damage. The grenades left clear charred remains on the carpet and other areas of the home.
During sworn testimony taken by Viets, the SWAT officers who executed this raid acknowledged that they had shot to death two dogs with their machine guns. Both dogs were shot in the back while retreating. One of the dogs is shot at around the 6:30 mark in the video as an officer tops the stairs, passes a suspect on the floor, and steps into a bedroom. You can see a glimpse of the dead dog as the officer stands in the doorway. The dog is obviously facing away from the officer. At 6:55 you can see another injured dog struggling in the hall.
It is important to note that this raid took place before Chief Ken Burton accepted his position with the CPD. Due to the overwhelming public outcry stemming from a more recent yet similar raid under his command, Chief Burton has, for the time being,  reigned in the use of his SWAT team to serve search warrants for non-violent crimes and criminals.
While the prevalence of violent, paramilitary raids has waned in Columbia, this type of raid is happening somewhere in the United States right now. Please speak out against this government sanctioned domestic terrorism.

19 thoughts on “CPD SWAT Killed Two Retreating Dogs in 2008 — Video

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  2. bacchys

    The Founders would have strangled their children in their cribs if they could have seen what we’ve become.

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  5. Burlyman78

    How did you get this tape? Was it FOIAed? If yes, could you post a copy of the FOIA form that got this video? I ask because I’m in VA and if I knew how to fill out a FOIA form in such a way as to get video from every SWAT raid in our state, particularly for marijuana raids, I’d do it and start posting them online here too.

    1. Mark Flakne

      This video came directly from Mr. March and his attorney Dan Viets http://www.danviets.com. I saw Mr. March at a Citizen Police Review Board meeting and asked for a copy.

      We have, however, previously made bulk FOIA requests for SWAT actions and marijuana search warrants. Generally if you request marijuana or drug search warrants, you’ll find that every one of them is served by SWAT. We posted a very telling video from that FOIA request here http://www.keepcolumbiafree.com/blog/new-columbia-police-swat-video/

      I’ll see if I can drum up a copy of our FOI/Sunshine request. If I can’t, It’s really not hard to do. Simply ask for all video of SWAT actions from a certain date to a certain date. You can also ask for all records from all drug search warrants. Try a couple of things and see what works. Here, a public information officer will usually contact you to discuss cost and availability. Always request the information in electronic form because it’s usually much cheaper.

  6. Citizens For Justice

    Sample language for you request is here: http://ago.mo.gov/sunshinelaw/requestform.htm
    Wording your request right is the key. If it’s not worded correctly they will be happy to use that as an excuse not to give you some/all of the requested records. My advice is to CC a copy of your requests to your attorney(if you have one) and to the Secretary of State. Not only will they take your requests more seriously, but you will also have proof if there is any argument over what is and isn’t releasable. Violating the Sunshine Law can result in monetary fines and is not a good look for the group in question, so if they do give you problems contact Keep Columbia Free or Citizens For Justice(CFJComo.com) and let somebody know whats going on.

  7. AlvinB

    The police gratuitously killed retreating dogs with automatic weapons.
    This is something that only select few, natural-born criminals are capable of.

    1. David Raye

      When i was in hish school i took psychology and we were taught that career criminals policemen and preachers all had the same predominant personalities after 35 years to evaluate those findings i think they had that one right.

  8. Lucy

    As citizens, we need to start protecting ourselves and our homes from these law enforcement bandits.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. Purchase a noise alarm which makes so much noise that officers can’t communicate, and is so loud that it is likely to cause pain to their ears, thus forcing them to withdraw.

    2. Have a can of gasoline in the house, and immediately spill it when the raid starts. Officers will be afraid to use their weapons in case they cause an explosion.

    3. Reinforce your front door and garden so as to make it impossible for LEO’s to enter quickly, thus giving you time to react.

    4. Form a neighbourhood watch group with others locally, and as soon as you are attacked, call out your local militia to hinder the SWAT raid. A riot in which SWAT vehicles are torched, for example, would make them more reluctant to engage in this kind of terrorism. Also, they then have to face threats both within and outside the house. If possible, surround the house, which will scare the officers and significantly hinder their operations.

    5. Use all possible resources to find out and publish the names and home addresses of all officers involved in this kind of thuggery. Publish them alongside the video. Officers would think twice about law breaking in this way if they knew that there was a possibility of revenge attacks. As officers are effectively above the law, they should not be entitled to the protection of the law. (Note: I am not encouraging or inciting violence here, merely pointing out that officers who have chosen to attack the community instead of protect and serve it, must ultimately expect some form of community justice.)

  9. Burlyman78

    @Mark and @Citizens — Thanks for the info. Good suggestion about CC’ing FOI requests to one’s attorney and the secretary of state. Also, thanks for the link and suggestions on sample FOI request language. I’m going to keep looking into making some requests here in Va. I see things in the news all the time that beg for a FOI request, but the SWAT videos of marijuana raids is particularly useful because it provides a window into something that most people never see.

  10. Mr. Hibps

    OH MY GOD… Another video of police officers brutally shooting dogs in Columbia.
    This is INSANE… It shows even after such horrible police brutality and shooting the dogs in the back, the police force DID NOTHING TO KEEP THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN. As I am sure most of us have seen the video from last feb showing with the pitbull and corige being shot(the pit dying). ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbwSwvUaRqc&feature=related )

    I am starting to really hate the police. Its like we are living in Nazi Germany again.

    Have you thought about trying to organize peta or other large organizations to step in? I do not live in MO, (nor will I ever travel there either). But I am blown away by these videos..

  11. Scott

    After a couple of weeks, I would hunt down and I would kill everyone of those stupid bastard cops if they killed my dog. Listen to these idiot cops talk to each other during the raid. They are morons with badges. These idiot cops have way to much power and need to be brought down.

  12. steve

    kill my dogs ,revenge will be sweet ,served when u least expect ,you will lose someone close to you..

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