Police Labor Unions Beset Burton

Today, Ashley Cuttle, the paid director of the local police labor union, the CPOA, renewed and doubled down on her attack on Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton. Burton has done his best to reform a troubled department despite the foot-dragging of veteran officers. Change never comes easy, especially in government, but when the pant-suited pit bull Cuttle is leading the charge against that change, there is a recipe for trouble.

To assist her in her character and career assassination of Burton, Cuttle has enlisted the help of labor leader Kevin Albrand, President of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police. The two appeared on the Gary Nolan Show following their meeting with Mayor Bob McDavid and City Manager Mike Mathes where they lobbied for Burton’s termination.

Mitch Richards of Keep Columbia Free called the show and artfully challenged the legitimacy of the CPOA argument during the second half of the radio segment. You can stream to the radio interview HERE or go directly to the mp3 download by clicking HERE.

While the CPOA has fought Burton at every turn, the real attack started after Burton fired Rob Sanders. Sanders was fired following his brutal assault of an unarmed and detained suspect after which he laughed about the incident as the suspect writhed on the floor in agony stemming from a broken neck.

Read all about the incident HERE

Please show your support of Chief Burton by signing our online petition. Click HERE to go to the petition.

Here is the video of the brutal attack at the hands of Rob Sanders. 



It looks like Keep Columbia Free has worked its way under the skin of the police brutality apologists. This is a screen-shot from a Facebook page run by disgruntled ex-CPD officers. It’s a little flattering to have made their hit list alongside the Chief of Police, the City Manager, and the Editor of the Tribune.


Another Update:

Keep Columbia VP, Abhi Sivasailam, is featured in this ABC 17 news story talking about why we support Chief Burton.


Here’s another video of former officer Rob Sanders in action. This time he’s not violently assaulting an unarmed, detained citizen, but he is harassing local police watchdogs, Citizens for Justice instead of serving and protecting the public…



10 thoughts on “Police Labor Unions Beset Burton

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  2. Johnny Lemuria

    Let’s not insult prostitutes and women who like lots of sex by lumping them in with this….person.

  3. Ken V.

    Whether it’s the Fraternal Order Of Police, the International Association Of Machinists, Auto Workers, teachers, Electrical Workers, Teamsters, or any other union, labor unions only protect the jobs of the destructive and the incompetent. Regardless of what job is being done, a good, competent worker has nothing to worry about.

    If a union protects bad cops, then the public begins to view cops as “the enemy,” and this is not a good situation for anybody.

    1. jim

      Police Labor Unions sometimes do help officers that are trying do clean up a department and are fired without any wrong doing.

      What was intended to be a protector of good officers who are sometimes demoted or fired for the wrong reasons, can and sometimes do protect the incompetent who indeed violate policies and established law.

      1. perlhaqr

        Police Labor Unions sometimes do help officers that are trying do clean up a department and are fired without any wrong doing.

        When? Every story I ever hear is about Police Unions trying to keep some guy who beat the tar out of someone on the force, while officers who report any sort of wrongdoing at all are thrown under the bus.

  4. Michael Price

    There seems to be a technical problem with this webpage. The part that explains why this thug Sanders isn’t up on felony assault charges seems to be missing. That’s a shame because there would have to be an incredibly amazing reason not to charge someone who slams a guy into a wall.

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  6. Max Conrad

    This is why I celebrate every cop death and hope they died screaming. Hyper violent liars, thugs, thieves and killers.


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