Puppycide in Fulton, MO

A few days ago, SWAT officers of the Fulton (Missouri) Police Department shot and killed a dog while serving a “narcotics” search warrant. The residents of the house asked if they could cage the dog. The officers denied the request, ordering that the dog to be chained to a tree. The dog got loose and was then shot eight times, the first six shots wounding the dog and the last two point-blank, shotgun blasts killing it. After finishing off the first dog, the officers first maced and then turned their guns on caged puppies only stopping when confronted by concerned neighbors. 

After kicking in doors, killing a family pet, pepper-spraying and attempting to kill two caged puppies, and generally terrorizing a neighborhood, the only charge filed against the Fulton man was misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was released the same day. Par for the course in the War on Drugs. We’ve certainly seen plenty of similar dog executions here in Columbia. We’ve interviewed grieving dog owners and shown proof that the dogs were shot while running away from officers. And don’t forget the infamous SWAT raid that made Columbia, MO the dog shooting capital of the world. A guess Fulton wants in on the action.


*Puppycide is a term coined by Radley Balko



99 thoughts on “Puppycide in Fulton, MO

  1. James Newport

    The question I have is what is a small town like Fulton doing with a SWAT team? They going to fight Al-Quieda from attacking the nuclear power plant? Yeah sure.

    1. Fred Davis

      I hate the fulton police, I went to westminster college there and they screwed me over multiple times hardcore. I don’t go there anymore but those police are fucking assholes they have nothing better to do than go around fucking with the college students who aren’t participating in any real crime. Especially officer Shramm that guy is an ass, fuck those police this doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Vicki Smith

    This is terrible. This is animal abuse. I heard that the puppies were euthanized. Wouldn’t that be seizure of property, as well as extreme action for a misdemeanor offense? Actions designed to torment victims and give sport and pleasure to police. Of course, they’ll have their routine defenses.

  3. el

    If this happens to u, CHALLENGE JURISDICTION AND THE RIGHT OF AUTHORITY. Dogs are considered property and are treated as such.

    90% of the time the Cops are out of jurisdiction. Challenge that in a COUNTY COURT.

    Hold these fuckers responsible. NO ONE ELSE WILL.

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  5. saltflat

    Great image of the dog with a gun to its head at the top of the page. Really drives the the point home. Keep up the great work.

  6. Gemma

    Absolutely Disgraceful!!!! Disgusting! The dog was no threat, they offered to place the dog in a confined cage – were told no, yet officer’s then asked them to tie it to a tree? There is no excuse – trigger happy power tripping arse holes. They need prosecuting for cruelty to animals!

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  8. Frank

    You know, i just love it when i see americans treating americans the way they treat the rest of the world.
    today it’s teargas and tasers and shotguns. i can’t wait for the day when your police and dhs start using depleted uranium and white phosphorus on you. ‘do unto others and you shall be done unto’.

    1. Courtney C.

      Wow Frank, just wow. Am I the one dropping uranium on you? Absolutely not. I am extremely opposed to the war and consider myself a pacifist, yet I live in USA. So are you telling me that I and my family deserve to die?

      Your comments show that you have no empathy and it was just heartless. I could think of many expletives to say to you, but I won’t stoop to your level. I dearly hope that someone (being a relative, friend or pet) that you love is never harmed or killed and that you never have to face what this family is facing. Your attitude is disgusting.

  9. Doubleu

    James Newport, Most small towns have SWAT, the more training an officer has, the more pay and pension he can steal from the tax-payer. The union pushes for the training.

  10. Steve-in-Iowa

    “We’ll do whatever we have to do to protect ourselves.”-Andre Cook
    Maybe Mr. Cook could give us mundanes a little insight to when it will be ok for us to use that defense when ‘officers’ are shot by law-abiding citizens when we feel threatened by them? Or will we let the state keep it’s monopoly on the use of violence?

    1. 309

      Really? When in the hell and why would you ever feel threatened by a cop? That’s rediculous. If you’re threatened by the law, then maybe you should abide by it.

      1. Nunya

        Not afraid of the law, but occasionally afraid of some officers. Had an incident a few years ago where I parked in a no parking zone (poorly marked as such as the sign was behind a tree). When the officer confronted me, she was exceptionally aggressive even though I never argued with her. When I tried to complain to her boss, the video was conveniently missing. Two years ago I was ticketed for speeding at 60 in a 55 work zone. Where I came onto the freeway was not marked as 55. I disagreed with the officer and we discussed. He was pleasant and professional. I still got the ticket, but hold no ill will towards the officer. Sometimes the wrong people are attracted to law enforcement and they are the ones to be concerned with.

      2. MrPapaya

        You must not pay much attention, the police are constantly shooting unarmed people, using excessive force, and generally being jack-booted thugs. They don’t abide by their own so-called “laws”.

  11. Taylor

    A valid question, for national discourse, especially in light of the injustice the poor endure:

    “When is it okay to kill a cop?”

  12. Cheryl

    The fed gov is militarizing the police and are preparing for massive uprising to kill 25 million Americans in re-education camps who “fail” to be brainwashed by them.

    1. richard19.08

      From a distance here in Australia, it seems to many of us that America has gone completely crazy. The people who run the place, who we assume to be the generals, the bankers and those who run the military-industrial complex, are intent on continuing global warfare until they either control everything or destroy it.

      We hear a lot about your American God. For the sake of God, may the people of America come to their senses to save their nation from ruin, if not the entire world.

      1. Courtney C.

        Wow, very insightful from an outsider – thank you for that. Many of us Americans believe that our country has gone crazy, too. I do believe in God but I don’t think that our country has represented him well.

      2. shibas

        Wow Richard19.08 I hear how you folks are losing so much by over building and destroying your land, yet do I say this when I read about a dog killed! If you could not come up with something better please say nothing.

        As far as this Police chief’s comment they will do anything they can, what a crock , instead he needs to train his men that there may be consequences after all, instead of a free for all police dept@!

  13. carl

    someone needs to do something with these f%%$#$%ing dumb ass cops!
    fucking hate them. i hope they all get rabies and die!

  14. Dave Mowers

    Those are some real tough guys. What nobility and intellect displayed, just enough to make the people they serve hate them all more. National I.Q. standards for hiring police officers are 80-100. Seventy five is retarded and 100 will not be able to attend college. Think about it. Complete idiots with machine guns, hand guns, batons, tasers are supposed to enforce laws written by Harvard graduates.

  15. hp

    It appears Mr. Ivory and anyone within the general area committed the most horrible (non)crime there is. It’s called CONTEMPT OF COP. This (non)crime can be committed simply by looking at, talking to, smiling at or even daring to breathe the same air a “police officer” is breathing.

    This (non)crime is punishable by a range of punishments from a simple beat down, tasing up to and including summary execution on the spot.

    Then the suffering for the officer begins with a paid vacation until any and all charges are dropped.

    Any questions?

  16. Ken

    I saw Wheel chair ramps on the house. Was this guy smoking weed in his chair with his dog minding his own business.

    In walks Lady justis.

    Obama wrote in dreams of my father. ” if weed don’t give you what your looking for, at least it allows you to laugh at the folly of life. That’s True. Obama knows what he is writing about.

    That’s all any one of us want’s. That’s what this guy wanted to do. laugh at the folly of life in peace. Ask Him.

    DO something On this MR Presedent. End the law enforcement madness.

  17. Andrew

    This is just horrible. Just another family hurt and more dead over this stupid and senseless drug war. When will this country learn?

  18. Harry Pitt

    Email I just sent to that dept. and I left all my personal information “How brave your officers are. I hope I am never in your town and sneeze I might sound like a dog and they will shoot me.
    Why in gods name would you shot a dog when the owner offered to cage him. I respect most law enforcement people but these jackasses want to prove a point, and they did. Give power to the wrong people and it goes to their head. I am a retired trucker and have dealt with law enforcemet at many levels. From escorting loads to getting tickets. I have noticed one thing the smaller the town or the smaller the cop the bigger their attitude is. So be a hero and shoot some more dogs. Make you mother proud.”

  19. bob

    Dog probably asked for it. Who likes mean puppies anyway? The police did the word a favor by killing the dog.

    1. Inkwench

      I hope you are being sarcastic or else you are probably one of the “GOONS” from this article..

  20. bob

    You all impress me. I wish I could so easily hate someone or a group of people with only the facts that are put out there by the media. Do I think its ok to kill sweet little puppies? No I don’t, but I have no problem with killing an animal that’s about to try and kill me.

    1. Brother Tim Murphy

      I have a problem with them going after someone like he or she has committed murder and all that it is over is marijuana possession in the process they kill the dog and the pups??? I’d be more pissed off than any of the people putting in comments were it my dog or dogs especially since in a so-called Christian nation everytime they arrest someone for smoking weed they disobey the Father in heaven we are told to pray to…the cops are just paid for civil serpents the idiots above them need to change laws

    2. Sharon

      I have a problem with cops who won’t allow a family to CAGE their dog and order them to tie it to a tree, then when the poor thing gets loose, KILL it. I also have a problem with asses who want to kill helpless puppies in a cage, and are only kept from doing so by WITNESSES, i.e., neighbors, so they can’t use their usual ‘they tried to attack’ lie (although caged puppies would be a stretch, but it has also been done by other police departments).

      I also have a problem with people who REF– USE to look at the big picture: that law enforcement across this country is out of control. Google ‘cops kill dog’, ‘police shoot dog’, etc, and see what you get. This is an EPIDEMIC. They get away with it by claiming the dogs are going after them, even when the dogs are running AWAY from them. The dog they killed here should still be alive, and would be, if they’d done the right and decent thing in the first place and allowed the family to put the dog in a cage where the cops would have NO REASON to shoot. There was a well-written article recently by someone who is a former LEO which tells people to do exactly what these people tried to do, and were unable to do because of the total disregard and lack of respect of life held by these officers.

      If you can’t see that what these cops did was wrong, then I suggest you have your own moral compass checked. Something seems to be missing.

      1. anonymous

        There were no puppies, the other two caged dogs were full grown pit bulls that were trying to escape. One of them managed to escape and came at other officers as well, but was brought back to the cage by officers. The neighbors are not credible witnesses, since they are just as bad as Ivory.

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  22. BADKarma

    As I have mentioned previously, when CIVILIANS viciously torture and murder animals, they are considered “dangerous criminals”…

  23. Ray W

    Who are the terrorists?!?!?! You are 8 times more likely to die from a police action than from a terrorists. These people MUST be held accountable. I say shoot more of these assholes and hang their bodies from the telephone poles. Evil bastards.

  24. Legal Eagle

    I think that everyone should bombard this police station with calls and e-mails demanding the removal of these officers, remember you as the people, elect your officials and maybe now is the time to set a precedence and recall your elected officials and maybe then they will get it through their heads that enough is enough, ALL jurisdictions where pets were shot and killed without provocation need to DEMAND from their elected officials this and threaten them with “RECALLS” Also send letters to the President over this….if you use your rights as a people you will WIN

  25. Jeremy C

    “We do whatever we have to do to protect ourselves…”

    Don’t prosecute marijuana if you want to protect your officers. Oh, okay, I guess you don’t mean whatever you have to do, you just mean whatever you WANT to do.

  26. Jeremy C

    Let’s assume we believe the Fulton PD that this was a justified–either legally or ethically–shooting because of aggression/safety issues.

    Since I don’t wear a special costume that allows me to shoot dogs at will, and since I have a functioning human conscience and possess the ability to feel empathy, I’ve never shot one…can anyone tell me how aggressive a dog is after you shoot it once?

    Of course I’d really like to know how aggressive it is or how much danger you are in after you’ve shot it a half-dozen times. If the first shot was legally justified…what about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th, and 8th?

    1. anonymous

      Were you there? Did you see the giagantic pittbull that was trained to fight come after officers? Were you there to see this dog get shot once, and it not even phase it? So you would let a dog chew on your arm or latch onto your neck and not let go because you dont want to make some people mad?

    1. Mark Post author

      I agree. Alas, it was the only option for embedding offered by the TV station. If the same video shows up on YouTube, I’ll embed it instead.

  27. mike

    80% of the people making these comments are 90% of the problem with this world!!!!! get over your anti-law enforcement, government handout, it’s all about me selves and get a clue that some people are not going to tell the media what really happens and the media is going to spin somethings to try to get just what you are all writing. here’s an idea, put down your bong, get a life, and look at the world and if you see something you don’t like try to change it without saying stupid crap like killing police officers over a dog.

    1. Mark


      Do you have some inside information? Are you a Fulton SWAT officer? Notice that the news account was based on witness testimony, the same witness testimony that is used in a court of law. The media did not manufacture this story.

      I’m hoping that the FPD or Mustang opts to release the video from the raid so that we can all see how our officers, the officers that we, the people, fund and authorize to use force, handled this raid that resulted in a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession.

      For the record, many of the more overt “cop-killing” comments have been removed. KCF does not support violence against anyone, cop or otherwise.

      1. anonymous

        If a video was released, you would look stupid. You would see a gigantic dog trained to kill other dogs come after several officers, while another “full grown” dog escaped from a cage and came after other officers.

    2. Lesley Branks

      Mike you are just a moron!! That poor dog probley had more brains than you ever put together.

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  30. Jessica

    This story is ninety percent fabrication!! I am personally friends with one of the cops that was actually there, the dog that got off of the chain tried to attack an officer and those “puppies” were 60 pound dogs. It’s no wonder that most of the country is anti-law enforcement when the media is feeding us outright LIES. And these police were not carrying shotguns, the shots were administered by a Glock. And funny how these “witnesses” were not actually witnesses since they came outside only after they had shot the dog. They did not actually see what happened. And if that dog was so “sweet,” it would not have attempted to attack a cop. It makes me sick that the media feeds people these lies without actually finding out what happened, and it makes me even sicker that you people actually swallow them.

    1. T.J

      So if you have a medium-large sized dog, and it is aggressive towards a stranger (police officer or ANYONE) in that case, you’re allowed to shoot and kill it. Then go and torture more dogs in the back? Yes even if they aren’t puppies, they are in a cage and aren’t able to endanger you. It makes me sicker the fact that someone is given a power they can abuse it, and get away with it, so what would have happened if instead of a dog, it was a human being? you wouldn’t be protecting them if they had. Who ware we to say what lives or dies hmm?
      By protecting them you’re basically promoting animal cruelty and police abuse of authority. And you’re entire argument is invalid because of what you said “I am personally friends with one of the cops that was actually there” so you are immediately biased to believe them.
      Good day, and hopefully your pets won’t be shot because of you jaywalking.

    2. Mark Post author


      Thanks for your insight. Some of what you say is true.

      I’ve no doubt, for instance, that the angry dog charged an officer after escaping the chain. The blog post points out that the dog could have been caged and, if it had been caged instead of tethered, would still be alive. With that said, most animals protect their owner when said owner’s door is being kicked in at 5:30 in the morning by intruders.

      If the two “puppies” did indeed weigh 60 lbs, as you suggest, the were none-the-less caged and deserved no pepper spray and certainly did not deserve to be shot. Unless you’d like to amend your story and claim that the officers were being attacked by all three dogs.

      I’m also not sure that one is required to be “outside” to be a credible witness. It is quite plausible (and I believe the news account suggests), considering the close proximity of the neighboring houses, that upon hearing the first shots the neighbors witnessed the shooting by watching from their window and only came outside to stop the officers from shooting the caged dogs.

      Many people blame the officers, which is a gut reaction and understandable. If more officers were Oath Keepers, they wouldn’t support these dangerous and useless drug raids. With that said, the War on Drugs is to blame for this epidemic of dog killings resulting from SWAT narcotics raids. Let’s remember that this raid invaded the home of a citizen who was only found to have a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and no weapons. If you are a true friend, you should be appalled that our government asks our police officers, like your friend, to risk his life in such endeavors.

      I will extend the invitation to both you and/or your officer friend to take part in an on-camera interview to explain what really happened and why such a violent and ultimately deadly raid was justified, or perhaps not justified. Simply go to the contact page and send us an email. We can have our cameraman meet you at a convenient location.

      I also hope that the FPD releases the video and audio from the raid. If these officers were truly justified in shooting the dogs and the media is lying to us, the video from the raid should clear things up. We have requested a copy and will post it as soon as we have it. We were told by a Callaway County Sheriff Deputy that a video does exist, so we should have it posted soon. We are only interested in truth, justice, and, above all, the liberty that is ours by virtue of birth.


  31. Mark Post author

    Sorry, folks, but any comment that talks about killing cops will be deleted. While we appreciate the right to free speech, you’ll have to threaten cops on your own page, not ours. It’s private property and we also appreciate property rights.


  32. Lesley Branks

    This is just another case of barbaric, cruelty from Police Departments. They are getting out of hand and are evil people. The power goes to their head and they are out for blood. It is scary to say the least it is just an ongoing hatred towards Pit Bulls or any sort of dogs for that matter, whats next shoot a human eight times and say” Oh but he was aggressive we had to”. Im sorry but your cops over there are demented and there is something very mentally wrong with them. They have been given to much power and to say there might be an investigation into the cops actions are a joke. Even if there is we all know what the outcome will be and those cops will be back on the street murdering as many dogs and some humans too as they can!!

  33. Hanspy

    A Swat Team, fully armed is in danger for a dog and shoots it.What a sissies are those cops. They are just cops on a power trip.No more no less.Who are those parents from those cops?They must be ashamed .

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