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CoMO Awareness Film Series on Facebook – Sponsored by Keep Columbia Free

Americans for Forfeiture Reform – Our friend Eapen Thampy founded this groundbreaking think tank devoted to the study of civil asset forfeiture.

The Agitator – Radley Balko’s always timely and sentient blog.

FIJA – The truth about Jury Nullification

Freedom Rebels Network – Reclaiming our sovereignty, standing under common law

Free Talk Live – Liberty radio

Free Keene – Keep tabs on the the most radical activists in the Free State Project

Show-Me Institute – Missouri’s own Free Market think tank.

Gary Johnson

Ron Paul

Campaign For Liberty

Americans For Prosperity – Missouri

United for Missouri

ACLU of Eastern MO

The Liberty Restoration Project

CoMoCitizens – This local Columbia group seeks to create a dialogue between citizens and police.

Missouri NORML

The Blue Note


Sheriff Mack


7 thoughts on “Links

  1. Art Dollens

    In 12th year of Title IX claim against Boone RVI, have received a Healthy dose of Little Dixie throwback nullification as per “Stagnant” mid-Mo/Jeff City entrenched corruption. All documented with approx 30 separate On-Line “Benchmarks” with the Dept of Ed/OCR Kansas City Office. One of the notable being a bled out “Coon” in a biracial students locker that was censored by Mizzou School of Journalism/Channel 8.


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